About Us

Warkworth AFC was founded in the early 1980’s and is a community-based football club which has a goal to enable everyone to have access to football in our local area, as well as providing pathways for talent to be nurtured and developed. The club is located at Shoesmith Domain in Warkworth.

We have a long and proud history in New Zealand football, built on a supportive community and sheer determination to prove we belong amongst the best clubs. We operate under the Northern Region Football Federation (NRF).   

As with most sports clubs, we are run with the help of volunteers and could not survive without them. Coaches, managers, and committee members all take time out of their busy lives to help provide an environment where football can be enjoyed by players and spectators alike. If there is one message that trumps them all, it is to look after our volunteers, encourage them, assist them and just enjoy being out on the fields with them.

To our sponsors, Thank You!  You keep us in the game and keep our children supported.

With the growth in our community we welcome new members, players, coaches, referees and volunteers to enrich the club culture and to enjoy football.

Below are the club's committee members and key contacts. If you would like to raise any issues, have any questions or want to discuss ideas, please feel free contact any member of the committee. Please do remember this is a volunteer-run football club. 

If you have an interest in joining our committee we have a vacancy of President and are also seeking someone to join and be a womens' football representative. If you are interested in either of these positions then please contact admin@warkworthfc.org.  

Gwynn Hoskins
Club Secretary
Richard Jones
Club Administrator and Treasurer
Sponsorship Coordinator
Facilities Manager
Jacob Paul
Senior Team Coordinator
Steve Bedford
Simon Hawken
Richard Ashton
James Woodall
Club Captain
Womens Football Coordinator
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