First Kicks / Fun Football (4-8 years)

2024 Registrations:

Registrations Open: 10th February 2024

Registrations Close: 26th April 2024*

*Although we'll still let you join after the season has started, we'd rather not turn away any child wanting to play football! 

FIRST KICKS - ages 4-5 (including those turning 6 in the year)

FUN FOOTBALL - ages 6-7 years (including those turning 8 in the year)


The First Kicks and Fun Football programme is designed for your child's first step into the footballing world. It provides a fun environment for a child to develop their movement, balance, and enjoyment of the game. Our overall aim is to ensure all kids have fun and start to fall in love with ‘the beautiful game’. Our program is run by a dedicated group of volunteers who are passionate about kids’ involvement in football.


We are always on the look-out for parent volunteers to coach and manage each team. You will be required to be at games held on Saturday mornings at Shoesmith Domain. No previous coaching or managing experience is required. The role of the coach is to manage the number of players in their allocated team each week, to be a point of contact to the parents of the players in their team, to run the weekly practice skill of the week with their team and to assist/referee the games. The role of the manager is to support the coach and organise the team and supporters.

We’re aware that this may be a parents first foray into the world of football coaching, and we will aim to offer free coaching courses should their child wish to continue their football journey across the age grades.


There are no specific training sessions during the week, however each team are free to meet up for training if they desire. Alternatively, if there are enough players that are wanting a training session during the week, similar to the junior training times, then please get in contact at and we’ll see what we can organise.


Please arrive by 8.20am and gather by Field 2 (see field layout map)

We begin promptly at 8.30am each Saturday with the first 30 minutes spent doing group warm-ups and learning a “Skill Of The Week” which you will practice in your individual teams.

From 9.00am we then move to 3 x 10-minute matches where teams will rotate across the various pitches. At the end of the matches, we all promptly help to collect up all the equipment and move to the clubhouse for Prizegiving. It’s important that everyone helps to clear the pitches quickly as other age grades will likely be getting ready for their games.


Teams will be formed during the Easter school holidays once registrations have closed. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate all requests for players to be in the same team as others, but we will always do our best.

Each week a player from each team is awarded a player of the day certificate. The player is chosen based on how they have performed throughout the session and whether they have shown the attributes which are being taught by our coaches

We are extremely grateful for any local sponsors to provide vouchers for kids to reward them for their achievements.

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